Brandywine Hospital for Pets

1384 Brandywine Blvd
Zanesville, OH 43701


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It's true! . . . 

The American Association of Feline Practitioners has elevated

Brandywine Hospital for Pets,




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Cats have distinct needs and we provide an atmosphere that allows for a positive visit. Essential equipment appropriate for feline use is in place, from the exam room to the lab to the ability to hospitalize cats in a comfortable setting.

cat gifCats are allowed time to acclimate to the hospital environment prior to being examined by a veterinarian. We have a dedicated examination room for felines.

We understand

  • Cats do not like the carrier and traveling to the hospital
  • owners are stressed by getting the cat into a carrier and then transporting an anxious cat

 We invite you to:

  • Tour our hospital
  • Speak to our staff
  • Phone or stop in when you have questions
  • See for yourself...Cat Friendly Practices do make a difference

To elevate healthcare for felines and enhance our role as  "cat advocate", our staff training is an on-going process. Our staff is focused on delivering the best wellness and preventive care for your feline every visit.

In short, we love cats as much as you do!


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